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Judicature ( Amedment) Act, No. 10 CF 2010
Judicature ( Amedment) Act, No. 11 CF 2010

"Human Rights" Quarterly Publications

  bullet2  2003 Issue No. 02 (June, 2003) 

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  bullet2  2003 Issue No. 01 (March, 2003) 
                   icon arrow up Sinhala  icon arrow upTamil  icon arrow upEnglish



  bullet2  Progress Report 2013 JANUARY – AUGUST

 icon arrow upEnglish   icon arrow upSinhala  icon arrow upTamil



  bullet2  Progress Report 2012 JANUARY – DECEMBER

 icon arrow upEnglish   icon arrow upSinhala icon arrow upTamil


bullet2  Law Commission Reports   

bullet2 Community Mediation Programme"-Trainee Manual

   icon arrow upEnglish    icon arrow upSinhala

 bullet2  Progress Report 2012 January - August

 icon arrow upEnglish    icon arrow upSinhala  icon arrow upTamil


 bullet2  Progress Report - 2011

 icon arrow upEnglish    icon arrow upSinhala  icon arrow upTamil


 bullet2  Progress Report - 2010

  icon arrow upEnglish    icon arrow upSinhala  icon arrow upTamil


 bullet2  Progress Report - 2009

  icon arrow upEnglish    icon arrow upSinhala icon arrow upTamil

  icon arrow upEnglish    icon arrow upSinhala icon arrow upTamil

Latest Circular Issued by the Ministry of justice red-white-pearl-download-arrow