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Agrarian Development Act 46
All Ceylon Jemmiyathul Ulama (Incorporation) Act 51
Al-Kulliyathun Nooriya (Arabic College), Kannattota (Incorporation) Act 10
Appropriation Act 6
Appropriation (Amendment) Act 32
Appropriation (Amendment) Act 57
Bakeer Markar Centre for National Unity (Incorporation) Act 17
Bank of Ceylon (Amendment) Act 54
Board of Directors of the Muslim Ladies Arabic College Kattankudy (Incorporation) Act 2
Cassim Family Trust (Incorporation) Act 35
Census (Amendment) Act 55
Chartered Institute of Transport of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act 8
Civil Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 34
Code of Intellectual Property (Amendment) Act 40
College of Ophthalmologists of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act 12
Commercial Mediation Centre of Sri Lanka Act 44
Dhamma School Fund Act 52
Dharma Chakkra Childrens' Foundation of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act 13
Factories (Amendment) Act 33
Felling of Trees (Control) (Amendment) Act 1
Finance (Amendment) Act 36
Finance Leasing Act 56
Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Amendment) Act 4
Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act 26
Habarakada Siri Dharmawijeya Sahana Sewa Foundation (Incorporation) Act 18
Inland Revenue Act 38
Institute of Engineering Diplomates, Sri Lanka  (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act 11
International Friendship, Educational, Cultural and Social Services Association (Incorporation) Act 30
International Irrigation Management Institute (Amendment) Act 50
International Volunteer Friendship Association (Incorporation) Act 5
Islamic Service Society, Akurana (Incorporation) Act 16
Katuwana Adults Care Centre Development Foundation (Incorporation) Act 29
Maharagama Pamunuwa Sucharithodaya Social Services Society (Incorporation) Act 14
Mahara Social Development Foundation (Incorporation) Act 48
Minimum Wages (Indian Labour) (Amendment) Act 25
Mutual Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters Act 39
National Environmental (Amendment) Act 53
National Security Levy (Amendment) Act 24
Prevention of Hostage Taking Act 41
Protection of the Rights of Elders Act 9
Reggie Ranatunga Educational Scholarship Fund (Incorporation) Act 28
Regulation of Insurance Industry Act 43
Roman Catholic Archbishop and Bishops of Ceylon (Amendment) Act 19
Ronnie De Mel-Ruhuna-University Trust (Incorporation) Act 31
Sahanoda Foundation (Incorporation) Act 20
Siraj Arabic College, Oddamavadi (Incorporation) Act 37
Sri Gangathilaka Maha Viharastha Sasanaraksaka Samithiya (Incorporation) Act 3
Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management (Incorporation) Act 7
Sri Lanka Institute of Strategic Studies Act 45
Sri Lanka Institute of Taxation (Incorporation) Act 21
Sri Sunethra Mahadevi Piriven Rajamaha Vihara Sasana Development Society (Incorporation) Act 22
Stamp Duty (Amendment) Act 27
Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation Act 42
Suvasetha Social Service Association Act 58
Tea Shakthi Fund Act 47
Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Act 49
Thurusaviya Fund Act 23
Uthuru Kalutara Pauranika Kande Vivekarama Viharastha Development Fund (Incorporation) Act 15

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Judicature ( Amedment) Act, No. 10 CF 2010
Judicature ( Amedment) Act, No. 11 CF 2010

"Human Rights" Quarterly Publications

  bullet2  2003 Issue No. 02 (June, 2003) 

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  bullet2  2003 Issue No. 01 (March, 2003) 
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  bullet2  Progress Report 2013 JANUARY – AUGUST

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  bullet2  Progress Report 2012 JANUARY – DECEMBER

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bullet2  Law Commission Reports   

bullet2 Community Mediation Programme"-Trainee Manual

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 bullet2  Progress Report 2012 January - August

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 bullet2  Progress Report - 2011

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 bullet2  Progress Report - 2010

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 bullet2  Progress Report - 2009

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