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Administration Division

Functions relating to recruitment appointment, training, transfer, approval of loans, disciplinary control, administration of human resources and all other establishment matters required for the smooth functioning of the activities of the Ministry of Justice and the departments coming under the purview of the Ministry are performed by the Administration and Establishment Division.

 Approving Cadre -

During the period under review, the posts of Process Server, Writ Executor, Usher and Crier, Fiscal Matron, Fiscal Peon, Court Security have been approved.

 Recruitments -

Action have been taken to recruit 26 Fiscal Matrons, 20 Summon Servers and writ executors, 264, Karyala Karya Sahayaka to courts and 17 stenographers for Labour Tribunals Secretariat during the respective period of time. Similarly, Ministry of Justice has recruited 167 graduate trainees to departments/establishments and courts that are under the Ministry.

 Efficiency Bar Exams -

Measures are being taken to hold efficiency bar exams for process servers and writ executors, criers and ushers, fiscal peons, fiscal matrons and court caretakers.

 Interviews -

Interviews for the appointment of 32 Fiscal Matrons and 15 Assistant Secretaries for the Labour Tribunals have been held during this period.

 Formulation of Schemes of Recruitment -

Measures have been taken to formulate schemes of recruitment for the posts of Additional Secretary (Legal), Circuit Bungalow Care Taker, Receptionist, Technical Officer, Still Photographer, Cook, Senior Executive Officer, Technical Supervisor, Primary and Semi Technicians, Translator, Process Server, Writ Executor, Crier and Usher, Fiscal Matron, Mediation Training Officer. Procedures of recruitment have been formulated for the posts of Chief Executive Officer in the Board of Directors, in Superior Court Complex, Management Assistant (medium level) Management Assistant (Security) Finance Manager, Management Assistant (junior level).

Appointments -

Appointments have been granted for 274 sworn translators, 1516 Commissioner for Oaths, 112 Inquirers into Sudden Deaths and 50 unofficial magistrates and 5966 Justices of the Peace.

 Training Programmes -

372 officers have participated in training courses organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration and Department of Official Languages, Milodha Institute, Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Skills Development Fund, National Institute of Labour Studies, National Library Board. Institute of Construction, Training and Development. In addition, 03 officers have been participated in Master in Arts Degree Course conducted at the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura and the University of Colombo and 58 officers have participated in foreign training. 

 “Suwa Sampatha” Insurance Scheme for Judges -

73 Judges of Superior courts and 128 judges of courts of first instance have obtained the membership of “Suwa Sampatha” Insurance Scheme in 2012.

 Donation of Sand and Wood for the 2600 Sambuddha Jayanthi Ceremony -

During the period, measures were taken to donate confiscated sand and wood to the temples, considering 191 applications submitted to the Ministry.


In addition to the aforesaid functions, awareness programme of productivity concept have been conducted in Colombo, Polonnaruwa, Batticaloa and Trincomalee districts. At the same time, school children in Polonnaruwa district were made aware on combat of child abuse and an awareness programme on child abuse was conducted in 24 schools in Colombo district.





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Judicature ( Amedment) Act, No. 10 CF 2010
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